AI Driven
IT Management

  • Designed to give your business the unprecedented benefits of intelligent automation and unleash enterprise productivity.
  • Effortlessly connect the dots between Service, Asset and Operations Management.
  • Uses machine reasoning and codeless workflow-based automation, delivers up to 20% annual savings on IT Help Desk, and up to 45% better Total Cost of Ownership.
  • From natural language conversations for end-users leading to automated resolution, to real-time dashboards that feature key business metrics, to gamification, SummitAI shifts the paradigm in IT Management
AI Driven IT Management Suite


Improved Customer Experience

Deliver faster, better and personalized experiences to delight end-users and ensure that SLAs are consistently met.

Increased Speed of Execution

AI-powered automation works much more quickly than people and produces output 24x7 without the need for breaks and planned or unplanned absences.

Turbocharged Productivity

Summit contains an extensive set of capabilities based on leading-edge AI research, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition that dramatically eliminate complexities and increase the productivity of the enterprise.

Reduce IT Operations Cost

AI-powered automation leads to cost savings by reducing the workloads that need to be addressed by human agents. In a world where IT is constantly asked to do more with less, the augmentation of human labor with AI-powered automation promises to deliver the optimal balance between positive business outcomes and constrained budgets.

Customers’ Success Stories

Awards & Recognitions

Symphony Summit has been recognized by some eminent institutions in the ITSM Industry.