AI Driven
IT Management

Re-imagine IT Management with SummitAI, an AI-driven IT Management suite. Unleash enterprise productivity by effortlessly bringing Service, Asset and Operations Management together to work in concert. SummitAI using machine reasoning and codeless workflow based automation, delivers up to 20% annual savings in IT Help Desk Operations, and up to 45% better Total Cost of Ownership.

SummitAI substantially reduces demand on operators, enhances user experience of services, and optimizes IT Management. SummitAI is a modular, cloud-based suite, that offers a wide range of capabilities. From natural language conversations for end users with digital agent CINDE leading to automated resolution, to real-time dashboards that feature key business metrics, to gamification, SummitAI shifts the paradigm in IT Management.

AI Driven IT Management Suite


Improve Customer Experience

Employees now expect “consumer-like” experience for IT Services. Deliver faster, better, and personalized experiences to delight customers. Employees can converse with CINDE, our digital agent to auto-resolve up to 30% of their tasks instantly.

Increase Speed of Execution

Codeless Configurations and workflow based intelligent automation works much more quickly than people and produces output 24x7 without the need for breaks and planned or unplanned absences.

Turbocharge Productivity

Dramatically reduce resolution time and take load off operations staff substantially through auto-resolution, auto-categorization and dispatch of tickets and intelligent agent assistance.

Reduce IT Operations Cost

Solutions offer up to 45 % better total cost of ownership, up to 20 % annual savings on IT help desks, up to 5% annual incremental revenue and up to 50% faster implementations

Awards & Recognitions

Symphony Summit has been recognized by some eminent institutions in the ITSM Industry.

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Awards and Recognition
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Awards and Recognition
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