Most promising new vendor

The report highlights the key strengths of SymphonyAI Summit Software and its offerings:

  • Founded “on the premise of integrating project, service, asset, and IT Operations Management”.
  • A “comprehensive vision for fully integrated IT management”.
  • Seamless interoperability of projects with ticketed work.
  • Kanban-style visualization and prioritization.
  • Prioritization and forecasting of work across multiple queues.

EMA evaluated eleven vendors leading the IT management industry with solutions that support both project and service management on one common architectural platform with integrated resource management.

EMA states, “SymphonyAI Summit is a newer entrant into the NGITM space, founded from the start on a premise of integrating service, asset, availability and project management. SymphonyAI Summit is an excellent fit for firms of any size seeking a strong IT management platform, especially those open to alternatives to better known vendors. Although not examined in this report, its asset and availability capabilities may be important additional considerations for the potential buyer.”