SymphonyAI Summit wins FinancesOnline’s IT management software awards

SymphonyAI Summit was recently analyzed by B2B software review experts FinancesOnline, and our next generation solution came home with two prestigious awards and earned a spot in the website’s top 10 IT service management software systems. These recognitions affirm SymphonyAI Summit’s thrust as a reliable and easy to use all-in-one solution for various enterprises and service providers.


SymphonyAI Summit was recognized with FinancesOnline Great User Experience award for IT service management companies for its exemplary platform, ease of use, and intuitive interface. In FinancesOnline’s review, experts stated that SymphonyAI Summit’s “robust, powerful IT service management platform” can handle an “ever-growing list of requirements from your clients that revolve around greater IT sophistication and intuitive responses while keeping expenses low.”

Their experts also praised SymphonyAI Summit’s various functionalities such as its Productivity 360 engine, which provides “effective employee engagement tools,” and the auto-remediation feature that accelerates IT service management processes through a “well written and verified script.”

Similarly, SymphonyAI Summit was recognized with FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award, a recognition bestowed to solutions that have endeared users due to their efficiency. This recognition is highlighted by our high 100 percent user satisfaction rating.

In their review, FinancesOnline’s experts also concluded that SymphonyAI Summit automates tasks and eliminates instances of human error, and that it also helps users deliver “high quality IT services and applications.”