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What Does It Take to Achieve AI Success?

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds massive potential to transform business. Organizations recognize this reality and are seizing the opportunity. Yet, as with the early phase of many innovations, there is a lack of clarity about how AI will support business goals. That’s why Gartner predicted earlier this year that through 2020, “80% of AI projects will remain alchemy, run by wizards whose talents will not scale in the organization.”

This is not true across the board, however. AI initiatives can succeed, but they must have stakeholder involvement and overall team organizational support. AI is not just an “IT project”; both the opportunities and the challenges cover a wide range of teams and organizational capabilities.

How can companies best work to integrate AI both top-down and bottom-up? How can using approaches like Lean help keep humans in the automation process? This article from our Chief Product Officer, Dr. Akhil Sahai, provides three keys to creating a successful AI initiative in your organization. Read his expert advice here in EnterpriseAI.