Three questions to get the AI solution you need

There’s no denying that AI and machine learning are two of the hottest topics in the world today. Based on the many articles and marketing brochures, it seems that AI is going to solve all of humanity’s problems within the next few years. If it can tackle huge global issues, surely it can solve your ITSM challenges.


Well, caution is advised when wading into the murky waters of AI solutions. Remember that the goal of vendors is to sell their wares, so they may use creative language to tell you what you want to hear. And since there’s no agreed-upon definition of what AI is, how do you know what you’re actually getting?

Fortunately, help has arrived. Our chief product officer, Akhil Sahai, has just written an article that reveals the three questions you must ask AI vendors as you look for the solution that will best serve your organization.

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