SymphonyAI Summit ITAM: a must for business success

ITAM: A Must for Business Success

When assets aren’t being used to their full potential, the whole business suffers. Organizations don’t get the optimal value from the information, systems and hardware they own, which reduces overall productivity and employee satisfaction in addition to wasting finances. It’s become something of an epidemic: research finds that 80% of IT assets are underused.

Escalating cybersecurity and regulator concerns are leading many organizations to re-evaluate their IT asset management (ITAM) system – if they even have one. There’s an entire organization dedicated to trying to help alleviate ITAM woes: The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM). They define a set of best practices, which really come down to keeping tabs on all hardware, software and services operating within an enterprise – including tracking licensing and changes made and deciding what changes still need to be made.

These days, ITAM is a fundamental aspect of business success. In an article for ITProPortal, Dr. Akhil Sahai, SymphonyAI Summit’s Chief Product Officer, discusses ITAM’s many benefits and the key elements to look for in an optimal ITAM solution. Get the full details here.