ITIL 4 and cloud: the availability management practice

The new ITIL 4 best practice guidance has 34 management practices for IT service management (ITSM) and wider service management application. But how do these management practices apply to the emerging dominant business delivery method of today – i.e. how does ITIL 4 work with cloud?

This availability management blog is part of a series that considers a number of the ITIL 4 management practices in the context of the cloud delivery model (and in terms of both service delivery and support).

In which I recap the ITIL 4 management practice, then explain how the management practice applies to cloud. Plus, the real value-add – I also recommend additional activities for IT service managers who work in organizations that currently, or plan to, use cloud.

After reading this post, it should be possible for you to better apply ITIL 4’s availability management practice in cloud environments to improve business outcomes not just the quality of your IT service delivery and support.

Click here to get more detailed information on how The ITIL 4 availability management practice works.