New SummitAI Enhancements Optimize Your HW and SW IT Asset Management

By Dr. Akhil Sahai, chief product officer, Symphony SummitAI

Research shows that up to a staggering 80% of IT assets are underused, placing a massive strain on budget and productivity. In addition, increasing regulation and heightened concerns about information security are forcing many organizations to re-evaluate their IT asset management system.

In an environment of ever-increasing compliance and security requirements, IT teams and their tools are being pushed to their limits. Organizations often struggle to manage the overall life cycle of IT assets across all their business units because IT assets aren’t being used to their full potential.

In our never-ending quest to support IT operations functions, we’re excited to share the latest enhancements to our SummitAI Asset Management solution. These new features, some powered by artificial intelligence, enable organizations to put controls and processes in place to effectively manage all kinds of assets (hardware and software), save on costs and enforce compliance.

Our enhanced SummitAI Asset Management offering provides multiple benefits:

  • Cost savings – The offering enables greater visibility and audit capabilities, reduced resources and costs associated with asset management, and increased productivity gains from optimized hardware and software usage.
  • Risk reduction – Automated asset tracking, reporting, whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities enable IT teams to easily manage complex licensing and compliance requirements.
  • Competency – The solution is built following the latest standards in ITIL/IMAC processes, licensing knowledge, contract management and publisher policy interpretation.

SummitAI Asset Management optimizes asset usage so teams are able to make the most of what they already have, save money and maintain stronger security and compliance. Click here to get more detailed information on how SummitAI Asset Management can help your organization.