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SymphonyAI Summit


SymphonyAI Summit is always on the lookout for talented individuals with a passion for service. As a vibrant, rapidly growing company, we look for potential team members who have relevant backgrounds and a strong work ethic, who will join us in our commitment to building a great company that delivers measurable value to our customers. We provide competitive compensation, generous benefits, and a collaborative work environment.

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Benefits and perks

SymphonyAI Summit

Own your future

We will support you with opportunities that will help you to find the perfect job and plan for the future. Whatever your goals are, we will stand by you.

SymphonyAI Summit

Work on the latest technologies

Work on exciting projects using the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning with our future-ready approach. We invest in innovation and technology, enabling us to explore new ideas that lead to better solutions.

SymphonyAI Summit

Experience career diversity

Step into a stimulating environment that embraces and celebrates the diversity of input, thought, and perspective.

SymphonyAI Summit

Leave an impact

Be at the heart of developing technological solutions that directly impact the real world. We challenge ourselves every day to push boundaries and encourage continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

SymphonyAI Summit is a great place to work at. The culture is open, every person, regardless of their position, is given the opportunity to be heard, and those who want to make a career here have plenty of options. It’s a growing company with a cutting-edge, innovative, and entrepreneurial strategy that sets it apart from the competition. I’ve been with the company for the past six months and have watched myself grow as a professional in several ways. As a working mother, SymphonyAI Summit allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Ankita Chatterjee, UI Developer- Product development.

My experience with SymphonyAI Summit has been excellent, and I am enjoying my journey. Ideas and recommendations for product improvement, whether from employees, partners, or consumers, are given top priority. Teams are open to constructive criticism based on logical and practical rationale. It’s a collaborative working environment, and several teams are available to assist as needed. The company has a capable teams and strong leadership.

Zain Gorekar, Product Specialist- Academy.