Symphony SummitAI Receives PinkVERIFY™ 2011 Certification on TAHOE

Here at Symphony SummitAI we are elated to announce that our IT service management solution has been re-certified with the latest PinkVERIFY™ 2011 Certification on our TAHOE version for all 12 processes. SummitAI’s PinkVERIFY™ status demonstrates our commitment to ITIL best practices and our users can be confident in our ability to support continual improvement of their ITIL processes.

PinkVERIFY is the industry’s recognized IT service management tool certification that helps IT practitioners determine which toolsets align with ITIL workflows, functionality, and terminology specifications. PinkVERIFY is Pink Elephant’s ‘seal of approval’ that certifies SummitAI has been rigorously assessed by Pink’s expert consultants to determine the tool’s compatibility with numerous ITIL v3 processes and practices.

At SummitAI, we went through a rigorous assessment, satisfying all the mandatory criteria for each specific process. Our product has undergone a validation process for the last one year of changes implemented on the product. The process had three main exercises for 12 processes.

  1. ITIL Compliance Check – Detailed account of compliance, with supporting evidence from pictures, texts, and links.
  2. Demonstration and Change Validation – Formalized demonstration given to a Pink assessor.
  3. Certification – Full, published documentation for questionnaire responses.

Currently, there are more than 60 vendors whose tools carry the PinkVERIFY certification.

Kishore Shenoy, Senior Product Manager at Symphony SummitAI