SymphonyAI Summit Discovery

Get complete visibility of your IT landscape

Discover your IT assets and keep your CMDB and asset registers up-to-date.

SymphonyAI Summit gain visibility discovery

Gain visibility

Make informed decisions by gaining visibility into enterprise service management, asset management, and comprehensive monitoring and management, on cloud or on-premises, across a wide range of platforms, including SAM agent for Windows, SSI agent for infrastructure devices, and support for MAC, Linux, Solaris, and Unix.


Drive automation

With SymphonyAI Summit Discovery, you can collect business impact attributes from a wide range of systems and devices, analyze that data, and create auto-resolution workflows that save time and costs.


Keep businesses secure

Diagnose and remediate outages, minimize the risk of changes, optimize infrastructure spend, and avoid software license compliance penalties.

SymphonyAI Summit gain visibility discovery

Key features

Agentless discovery

Collect important attributes from various systems and devices without the need for installing or deploying dedicated software agents.

API-based discovery

Gather device attributes by using the HTTP GET protocol to retrieve information from devices.

Active directory discovery

Process of finding and identifying objects in and Active Directory (AD) domain. This includes finding domain controllers, users, groups, computers and other objects.

Cloud discovery

SymphonyAI Summit offers cloud discovery in the IaaS including 4 major types of resources:

  1. Server (virtual machines)​
  2. Database (SQL instances)​
  3. Network equipment​
  4. Storage​

Supported Clouds: Azure, AWS, Google, and Oracle.

Proxy server

Proxy server resides in customer infrastructure which collects information about the devices discovered and relays the same to the Summit application in a secure and consistent manner.

Web server

Summit web server or data collector resides on the web and accepts the data post coming from the proxy server, decrypts, and decompress the data and stores in the respective modules on the application. 

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Application layer protocol used for monitoring and managing network devices on IP network.

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

Set of specifications from Microsoft for managing devices and applications in a network from windows computing system.