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powered by Wipro Smart i-ConnectTM

wipro and symphony summitai Safety is not going to be an
option in the future workplace.

With COVID-19 still spreading, safety measures becoming a priority across offices, enterprises are rethinking their workplace strategies and rebuilding their organization to suit the new workplace norms. Although many enterprises are looking at making remote working permanent for certain processes, not all businesses and divisions can afford to work remote and expect business continuity.

For enterprises, who are looking at opening up their offices, complying with all the necessary safety norms, presenting Health COV-ER powered by Wipro Smart i-ConnectTM . This joint offering from Wipro and Symphony SummitAI will help you rebuild your future workplace and accelerate your digital transformation journey; while helping you ensure a safer workplace and environment.

Symphony SummitAI Safe Workplace Enabler Suite

Health COV-ER powered by Wipro Smart i-ConnectTM

This is a joint offering from Wipro and SummitAI solutions powered by the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation. Not only does it help you create a safer environment for your employees, but also helps rebuild your organization for the future.

With easy and mobile-based communication, hassle-free forms and simplified social distancing norms, it is enabled with the IoT technology to make reinitiating employees back to work seamless and quick.

The integrated IoT technology enables health assessment, workspace management including workspace, parking and transportation reservations-seat booking, social distancing, contact tracing, facemask and crowd monitoring avoidance, and facility sanitization scheduling. Also integrates with the thermal scanning and access control systems.

Symphony SummitAI Safe Workplace Enabler Suite

Health COV-ER designed for

Rebuilding the new workplace demands a lot from the HR teams. From checking employees’ willingness to preparing the workplace complying with the new safety norms.

The Safe workplace enabler suite allows HR to design surveys and check employees’ preparedness and willingness to return to workplace. The suit also screens the employees at the premise, ensures social distancing practice, facilitates contract tracing and safety during evacuation. Administrators can access a dashboard and track the return of employees into their facilities over time.

The new workplace norms demand availability of various safety measures to enable clean and socially distanced workspaces. The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) application helps to manage and monitor the workspace regularly and support physical safety. In a single snapshot, the suite shows the comprehensive view of the inventory levels which can be updated daily for accurate and real-time inventory management.

The suite provides the leaders with access to a single-view dashboard through which they gain insights and intelligence to make quick and informed decision regarding the health and safety of the employees and customers alike.

This suite acts as a support system for the CIOs and CTOs who have been at the forefront since the very beginning of the pandemic helping the employees and customers with business continuity. The safe workplace enabler suite facilitates them to be technology enablers and help execute and accelerate digital transformation across functions within the organization.

Rebuild your organization with Wipro and SummitAI Health COV-ER powered by Wipro Smart i-ConnectTM and ensure employee safety.