Here’s How SummitAI Helped a Global Leader in Business Process Management in their Transformation Journey

Here’s How SummitAI Helped a Global Leader in Business Process Management in their Transformation Journey – with excerpts from our conversation with the global CTO of HGS, Mr. Subramanya C.



Enterprises across the globe are going through a transformation of sorts. They are leveraging new emerging technologies such as automation and AI to accelerate their transformation journey. As per Gartner’s 2020 CIO Agenda survey, almost 40% of 1,070 CIOs claim to have leveraged technology for digital initiatives that drive business change. This is a huge 23% increase from 2018.

We know digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight and involves multiple tasks and people across the organization, and for technology to help accelerate business growth, it needs to be fed with as much data as possible. While data has been the driving force behind the successful implementation of automation and AI in enterprises resulting in a desirable outcome, the challenge rises when data increases in volume and systems are unable to control and manage the data to gain actionable insights. This is where ITSM tools such as SummitAI have an important role to play.

Recently, a global leader in Business Process Management approached Symphony SummitAI to overcome a similar challenge they were facing with data management. In our conversation with the Global CTO of Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), Mr. Subramanya C, he revealed that they were facing challenges in terms of distributed or silos of excellence tools because of multiple tools in various geographic regions. He said he was looking for an integrated tool, which could be used for complete IT services management and help in aggregating the data together and enable deriving valuable insights. After careful consideration, we proposed the use of SummitAI IT Services Management to streamline their IT services.

About his experience with SummitAI, Mr. Subramanya C said, “The innovation, which SummitAI offered along with their understanding of the roadmap, and their product features made us choose SummitAI for our transformational needs.”

When dealing with their IT services management, another important aspect of business productivity came to light – Employee experience. While enterprises have been focusing on automating business processes and other critical areas, employee experience has been neglected. In a recent survey, Gartner revealed that only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their experience. It has revealed that companies investing in employee experience enjoy over four times the average profit and twice the average revenue compared to those who don’t. *

We are happy to share that our client HGS chose to take the path less traveled. Mr. Subramanya C explained the challenges they faced in terms of the complex employee onboarding process that were leading to low internal CSAT scores and wanted to improve them.

To address this challenge, we implemented SummitAI IT Service Management and SummitAI Asset Management. Today, apart from streamlined IT operations and seamless process management, the IT division of HGS enjoys being one of the top three CSAT scorers among the shared services within the company at 5.75. It is needless to say, that the increase in employee satisfaction score is directly proportionate to their productivity and performance.



In today’s rapidly evolving age, it is nearly impossible for businesses to stay relevant without technology. To gain an edge over their competitors, enterprises continue to focus on seamless IT operations and customer services. However, it is important to design a digital workplace that focuses on both processes and employee experience leading to increase productivity and performance.

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