ITIL 4 and cloud: the deployment management practice

The cloud promises to break the age-old IT service management (ITSM) rule of “speed, quality or cost (or fast, cheap, or good) – pick two” by making all three achievable. Of the three, speed is often cited as the most important to a business in a fast-moving, highly competitive market with low barriers to entry. Speed enables experimentation. Experimentation powers innovation. And innovation is a competitive advantage.

A key ITIL 4 management practice to enable speed is the deployment management practice, with a high-performing deployment management practice being key to breaking the “fast, cheap, or good – pick two” rule.

This “deployment management in the cloud” blog is part of a series that looks at a number of the ITIL 4 management practices and how they are best applied with the cloud delivery model (in terms of both service delivery and support).

First, I’ll recap the ITIL 4 deployment management practice and then explain how it applies to the cloud before recommending additional ITSM activities for organizations that currently, or plan to, use cloud that will speed up their business, increase quality, and lower costs. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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