Automate repetitive services, system & network operations

IT Operations teams often spend more time on repetitive, time consuming tasks rather than planning strategic IT initiatives. SummitAI Orchestration (RBA) enables them to refocus and push innovation up their list of priorities. It is designed to automate system & network operations, while interacting with infrastructure elements, such as applications, database, and hardware.

Creating a Orchestration is fairly simple with SummitAI . We use triggers and integrate it with the Incident Management and Service Management modules of SummitAI .

Key Features

  • Increases the bandwidth of the IT Operations team, allowing them to focus more on strategic IT initiatives and spend less time on repetitive, time‐consuming tasks.
  • Reduces resolution time by 60% with faster response to critical IT events, particularly during off‐duty hours.
  • Improves service quality up to 70% by taking actions automatically in response to user requests.
  • Ensures compliance of regulatory requirements with automatic enforcement based on the defined profiles.
  • Enforces IT standards through pre‐defined triggers and escalations.

To learn more about the SummitAI Orchestration Plugin, download our data sheet.