CINDE turns every service conversation into a personalized experience

Transform your customer’s experience by resolving most incoming issues automatically. CINDE responds to incoming tickets with intelligent personalized messages, giving your agents more time to focus on high-impact work.

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Smart digital agent

Transform your end-to-end IT services while leveraging AI to help resolve issues faster, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

AI-powered intelligent routing

Manage the entire asset lifecycle. From planning to disposal, increase operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and optimize asset utilization.

Smart multi-channel support

Troubleshoot incidents and understand root causes based on relevant past incidents and knowledge articles of interest.

Benefits of CINDE

24/7 service desk

AI-powered CINDE is always available to support customers, be it on a Sunday afternoon or Thanksgiving week.

Multi-channel support

Customers can interact using natural language through webchat, MS Teams, Slack, and Jabber.

Faster resolution

With self-service and knowledge-driven intelligence, CINDE can resolve tickets faster when compared to the traditional service desk.

Intelligent agent

Understands the context in which a user’s intent is expressed and then uses machine reasoning to determine the next best course of action.

Saving millions

Auto resolves a minimum of 30% of service requests for an organization, leading to big savings and huge productivity increases.

Intelligent routing

Automatically route tickets to the right analyst based on historical records.

Enhances agent effectiveness

Carries the maximum weight of L1 and frees up agents to focus on high-impact work.

Alarm reduction

Reduces alarms and service tickets by orders of magnitude through event correlation.

CINDE features