Smart multi-channel support

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Improve user engagement
Scale and improve
Request and fulfill, straight from chat

Connect with common collaboration tools

CINDE can initiative conversations and communicate with users on collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Jabber, etc. CINDE also supports message broadcast to all end-users.

Fast, automatic request responses

CINDE understands simple chat conversations and fulfills the user requests quickly and collaboratively. CINDE performs automatic spell checks and allows users to make typos but still get the appropriate responses.

Relieve service desk analysts from monotonous and repetitive tasks

CINDE can answer common questions from your organization via chat. The ability to triage incoming incidents and requests immediately reduces the number of inquiries and requests reaching technicians for processing. As CINDE covers the initial triage and resolves redundant requests, both technicians and end-users have greater productivity and satisfaction.

CINDE features