Streamlining procurement processes for enhanced stability and profit

In this age of globalization, most businesses have to rely on suppliers and partners for everything from engineering and spare parts to aftermarket customer service. Though inevitable in terms of cost reduction, the risks involved are much higher. Procurement managers have to focus on day-to-day tasks, and more often than not, lack complete control of the purchasing process.

SUMMIT E-Procurement Management System eliminates the problem of being bogged down by operational tasks. It is designed for your organization to turn procurement into a strategic asset even in the most complex manufacturing environments. It increases flexibility and simultaneously ensures control in centralized and de-centralized processes. As a result, Procurement Managers can shift the focus on to managing stronger relationships with vendors and suppliers while scrutinizing spend and purchase decisions.

SUMMIT E-Procurement Management System

Ultimately, procurement functions evolve from just costs to profit centers. It can also be integrated with the SUMMIT Asset Management module, which becomes a complete solution for the Asset Lifecycle Management module.

Main benefits

  • Automates and streamlines the procurement processes.
  • Proactively ensures compliance between vendors, contractors and buyers.
  • Cuts costs for businesses- large and small.
  • Helps gain an insight into company spends.
  • Heightens visibility into supplier relationships, risks and performance.
  • Aids quick return on investment (ROI).

Key Features

  • Single point entry.
  • Pre-defined templates for Purchase Requests (PRs).
  • PRs linked to budgets.
  • Vendor evaluation.
  • Quote comparisons.
  • Workflow process automation.
  • Complete visibility and easy tracking with a dashboard.

To learn more about SUMMIT E-Procurement, download our data sheet.