Gamification Plugin

Automate repetitive services, system & network operations


The IT management has always taken initiatives to improve engagement and create incentives for their employees; but having to manually administer contests and other engagement activities make it a cumbersome task. SummitAI’s Gamification module provides individuals involved with IT Operations with opportunities to modify and reinforce their individual behavior, thereby increasing the likelihood of project success. It embeds fun into the primary functions of IT support personnel, simultaneously ensuring that the output is in line with the organizational objectives of IT.

Gamification is the use of enhanced game mechanics to drive engagement in non-game business scenarios, by changing individual behavior in order to achieve business outcomes. The reward system is moved from being extrinsic (in the form of money and promotions) to intrinsic (in the form of status, achievement and competition). There is also a provision for a real-time feedback loop to collect contextual data and provide a feedback mechanism to reinforce the desired behavior.

Any desired behavior can be motivated by encouraging the habits that an IT organization would desire, thereby turning player progress into intrinsic rewards. Gamification fosters higher levels of user engagement for organizations to perform more efficiently, and deliver solutions effectively.


Main Benefits

  • Real-time feedback in the form of positive and negative points
  • KPI monitoring and reviewing of results
  • Transparency allows analysts to see their own performance, as well as that of their peers
  • Goal setting can be done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis
  • Trophies and badges help the management reward the employees accordingly


Key Features

  • Enhanced game mechanics to shift rewards from extrinsic to intrinsic
  • Real-time feedback mechanism
  • Scoring parameters in the ticketing system that accounts for undesired behavior
  • Reporting system with automated scoring
  • Mechanism allows incentives based on human needs for achievement, status and competition

To learn more about SummitAI Gamification Plugin, download our data sheet.