IT asset discovery

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Active directory scanning
Agentless IP subnet scanning
Agent-Based scanning

Survey an organizations’ s entire environment with automated discovery (agent-based, agentless, active directory-based, SCCM, Lansweeper, and custom integrations) and track current state of IT envinroment. Centralized tracking provides a complete overview of your active directory in seconds.

Easily deploy agentless discovery with no separate installation. The SymphonyAI Summit proxy server remotely accesses other devices and ingests information, collecting basic inventory and performance metrics and maintaining data integrity.

Gain full control, visibility, and in-depth analysis of IT assets that have low- or no-network bandwidth. SymphonyAI Summit agents (SAM agent, SSI agent, MAC, Linux, and Solaris/Unix) communicate with the proxy server, which consolidates the data and posts the information to the centralized server.