IT Asset Management Software

Maximize compliance and returns on IT assets

A common challenge IT managers face is controlling the ever-changing environment of their organization’s IT infrastructure. The constant addition of new hardware and software devices, coupled with changes in industry regulations leaves IT teams in a constant state of volatility. Thus, it becomes essential to track all IT assets to manage them smoothly and effectively.

SummitAI’s IT Asset Management enables enterprises to manage their assets cost-effectively, across tenants for both IT and non-IT categories. It helps them lower the total cost of ownership by gaining visibility into all IT assets apart from simplifying and optimizing asset utilization. Our solution also ensures that IT teams get better visibility and process control on incidents and problems while mitigating risks and preventing over expenditure on unnecessary software.

SummitAI IT Asset Management covers services such as – Hardware & Software Asset Management, Agent-based & Agent-less Asset Discovery, Software License Management, Software Variance Reporting, Software License Compliance, Software Usage Metering, Software Delivery Management and Application Control.

The SummitAI Software Asset Management feature helps you track software licenses and create compliance reports while mitigating legal liability, fines and lawsuits due to improper software licensing.

Our solution comes in an enterprise version which also covers Application Control, Dynamic Domain Password Management, Endpoint Compliance and the ITAM Automation Pack.

To learn more about SummitAI Software Asset Management, download our data sheet.

To learn more about SummitAI IT Asset Controller, download our data sheet.