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SummitAI’s IT Service Management ensures better IT service delivery by leveraging latest advances in AI, Machine Reasoning, Analytics and Automation, with the sole objective of enhancing business performance.

Certified by ITIL, SummitAI is an enterprise grade, truly multi-tenant solution, deployable both in public cloud and on-premise. It caters to enterprise-wide functions that go beyond IT to include HR, Admin, Facilities, Marketing, Legal, Finance, and Procurement. This helps CIOs and Service Providers to simplify operations and reduce costs while factoring in on-demand scalability.

SummitAI promises

Up to 45% Low Total Cost of Ownership

Up to 50% Fast Resolution of Service Requests

Up to 30% Improvement in CSAT Scores

SummitAI Benefits

Higher productivity

SummitAI’s auto-routing, auto-resolution and operational intelligence help improve the productivity of both business and IT users.


Self-Service Experience

It helps in delivering an engaging experience using Self Service Portal. It also works as a one-stop shop for service requests, incidents, track progress and view knowledge articles.


Single Service Portal

It offers a single service portal across the organization which extends beyond IT, across different departments.


Faster ‘Go-live’ using codeless configurations

It configures process workflows without writing any code, using drag & drop, build workflows, forms and fields in minutes.


Access and approve on-the-go

SummitAI’s contemporary mobile interface provide easy access to file requests or log incidents, enabling approvals on-the-go.


Gain better insights with dashboards and reports

With rich set of dashboards and reports, it provides better visibility and insights into IT operations, thereby enabling quick and informed decisions.


SummitAI Features


Scalable and Multi-tenant

SummitAI enables creation of multiple instances with single application installation and database. It provides completely isolated tenant environments that can co-exist in the same application.


Operational Intelligence

This empowers IT analysts with enhanced situational awareness of their IT environment and recommends corrective actions to incidents, thereby driving higher First Call Resolutions (FCR) of issues.

Instant War Room and Escalations

SummitAI enables the process of both functional and hierarchic escalation during an incident handling. It creates an instant war room for analyst-end user & analyst-analyst.



SummitAI provides automation libraries for automating up to 30% of repetitive and manual tasks that can be triggered by agents or automatically by CINDE which helps in scaling enterprise productivity.

Optimal skill-based SLA fulfillment

The SummitAI IT Service Management solution ensures availability of analysts with the right skills so that the incidents can be automatically routed to the most suitable analyst with optimal skill set.



SummitAI Gamification solutions have been designed thoughtfully to build a workplace that is more competitive and fun for the delivery operations team. It helps to define and reinforce desired behavior in the support staff and drive the right work culture; thereby improving productivity and customer satisfaction.


Orchestration engine enables IT administrators to routinely automate repetitive tasks and processes. This helps to reduce the error rates and provides bandwidth for analysts to engage in more complex issues.


SummitAI Products

How can the SummitAI Enabler Suite help you?

The post Covid-19 world poses a huge responsibility on the shoulders of your HR, Facilitation, IT and Leadership teams. They have to facilitate a safer environment while ensuring business continuity and growth. We are happy to inform that we have got your back. Just how we ensured business continuity with our AI-powered solutions during the lockdown period, we are committed to empower you to rebuild your organization and business in the post lockdown period too.

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