Configuration Management

The SummitAI Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an ITIL 2011 certified module that provides a common view of business services. It also allows a greater understanding of infrastructure, enabling strategic planning and moderation of risks. It provides access to service information across specialized IT management entities, subsequently transforming the focus of the IT organization from technology to outcome driven by business services.

This module stores a comprehensive list of the organization’s Configuration Items (CI). CMDB supports an automatic import of hardware and software assets and Service Catalog items. It can also track relationships between IT assets and service activities, apart from reporting and comparisons of SLAs and QoS delivered.

Key Features

Infrastructure Modeling

  • It provides a comprehensive model of the IT infrastructure that completely supports IT Service Management (ITSM) as well as IT Asset Management (ITAM).
  • It provides a service-oriented view of the IT infrastructure.

CMDB Visualization

  • It provides a graphical representation of the infrastructure.
  • It links CIs to dependent systems and the respective services provided.
  • It accurately assesses the impact to the business services.
  • It acts as a powerful tool to support risk-free management.

Data Federation

  • It promotes the universal visibility of all components of the infrastructure along with activities surrounding service delivery and support.
  • It fetches data from multiple silos into a single location.
  • The integrated CMDB provides a seamless single point of access to service information for distribution across other applications.

Data Reconciliation

  • It provides rules to identify duplicates and ensures data reconciliation.
  • It maintains CMDB integrity.

Data Integration

It allows seamless integration with Asset Management Database and IT Operations Managementsmodule.

Event Correlation

Event Correlation is established using the Parent and Child relationship set in the CMDB. This helps in the reduction of events and alerts under IT Operations Managements.

To learn more about SummitAI Configuration Management, download our data sheet.