Request Fulfillment Management

The SummitAI Request Fulfillment is an ITIL certified module that helps end users to request for information, advice, or for a standard change or access an IT service. The end users can raise Service Requests (SRs) using the Service Catalogs related to their various needs, such as a laptop request, RAM upgrade request, keyboard request, software installation request, or information about leave policy, salary advance, cab request, and so on.

Key Features

Easy to Request

The end users can make requests for specific services using the published Service Catalogs by providing minimal information.

Intuitive End User Interface

  • It provides an easy-to-access user interface to submit requests, view updates, and approval details.
  • End users can select the required service from the published Service Catalogs relevant to the user based on the department, location, entitlement, grade of users etc.
  • End user requests are processed more efficiently by collecting the right information upfront and by orchestrating fulfilment.

Customer Feedback

End users can provide their feedback for the Service Requests resolved. Reports can be generated to view the feedback on various parameters for each fulfilled request.


A variety of reports such as the Dashboard report, SLA report, Service Request Status report, Classification and Category report, Feedback report, Cost report, etc. can be generated.

Integration with Other ITIL Processes

Service Requests can be linked to the related incidents, Work Orders, Change Records, Problem Records, CIs, assets, and so on.

Automated and Manual Escalations

  • SummitAI offers both functional and hierarchical escalations.
  • Auto escalations are email triggers generated by the application with respect to the Response and Resolution SLAs.
  • Manual escalations can be enabled for the end user to escalate if they are not satisfied with the way the request is handled.

To learn more about Request Fulfillment Management, download our data sheet.