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SummitAI Service Management is ITIL-verified and leverages the latest advances in AI-powered digital agents and service automation.

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A single, centralized, self-service portal for all service requests

IT, HR, Admin, Facilities, and other functions across an organization can use a single service portal for requestors.

Higher enterprise productivity

Through AI-driven knowledge intelligence, SummitAI understands the context of an issue, automatically resolving incidents and service requests.

24×7 service desk experience

SummitAI supports a conversational interface using natural language through webchat, Micrsoft Teams, Slack, and Jabber.

Scalable and Multi-tenant

SummitAI allows you to create multiple tenants within a single application installation and database. Ideally suited for enterprises, service providers can provide completely or partially isolated tenant environments that can co-exist in the same application with no interference from each other.

Full Suite of Integrated Capabilities

SummitAI’s IT management suite is built for the cloud or on-premise, and is fully integrated with common data sets across IT service management, IT asset management, and IT operations management, allowing complete control of your reporting and analytics.

Operational Intelligence

Empowering IT analysts with enhanced situational awareness of their IT environment, SummitAI’s AI-driven intelligence recommends knowledge articles to incidents and drives a higher first call resolution (FCR) rate of issues. Using machine reasoning and codeless workflow-based automation, SummitAI delivers up to 20% annual savings in IT help desk operations, and up to 45% greater total cost of ownership.


SummitAI provides automation libraries for automating repetitive and manual tasks. Service providers can offer enterprise employees the ease of talking to a digital agent for resolutions to their technology issues. CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine) uses sophisticated natural language processing technologies to understand the intent of an incident, service request, or a query and respond with personalized messages.

SummitAI Service Management Modules