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Maintain customer service engagements uninterrupted
Set appointments conveniently
at the desired time and place
Accelerate resolution process by connecting virtually

Delight users with modern scheduling options

Schedule appointments with specific teams in a few clicks. Select the team, specify the purpose, and choose the time slot. The tool only shows available times to avoid conflicts. Once a meeting is scheduled, it can easily be cancelled or rescheduled.

Manage appointments efficiently and effectively

Control how a team is booked with a centralized dashboard. All appointment requests are initially unassigned. They can be centrally assigned to technicians. This streamlines scheduling while adding uniformity and control. Technicians can update an appointment status (in progress, closed, or cancelled), add meeting notes, or upload attachments.

Microsoft Teams integration for virtual appointments

A Teams meeting link is automatically generated for every appointment and is included in the meeting invite to both users and technicians. The meeting chat can be recorded and made available within the appointment screen for better tracking during audits.

Create incidents and services requests from appointments

When a user highlights a specific issue or requests a new service during an appointment, the technician can click the appointment management screen to create an incident or service request. Technicians can track incidents and service requests effectively for all appointments without having to juggle between different screens.

Create and manage kiosks by teams and locations

Define the number of maximum bookings allowed per slot and typical appointment slot duration —for example, 30 minutes or one hour. Define the working schedule (days and times) appropriate for each team.

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