Knowledge management

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Promote self-service and DIY
Faster resolution of tickets
Link internal knowledge base and third party sites

Create rich and appealing knowledge articles

One of the most critical factors to increase self-service adoption is to ensure the right content is available to users at the right time. Curate the content and provide the highest quality of data with the highest degree of accuracy and a well-defined approval process.

With SymphonyAI Summit, you can create knowledge articles to provide solutions, FAQs, and workarounds. Knowledge articles can be organized under the appropriate category and classification, thereby making it easy for the users and technicians to access the knowledge articles. Technicians can design knowledge articles using rich text, images, and embedded YouTube videos to drive user engagement, increase click rate, and grow customer satisfaction.

Enhanced self-service with knowledge articles at your fingertips

The most relevant knowledge articles are featured when end-users search the service portal via the web or mobile app. Additionally, the CINDE digital agent prompts knowledge articles, engaging end-users to help them self-serve. This promotes end-user education and avoids creating additional service tickets.

Technicians can also refer to the knowledge base while troubleshooting incidents, thereby accelerating incident resolution.

Advanced and comprehensive knowledge dashboards

The knowledge dashboard serves as a one-stop-shop for every knowledge article configured by category and classification. The dashboard visually displays articles, enabling end-users and technicians to browse and access required articles quickly and easily. End-users can view the dashboard’s most important, highest rated, and most viewed knowledge articles. A powerful search option provides an easy way for users to find relevant knowledge articles and suitable content from third-party sites such as Google, Bing, or internal documentation portals.

Provide feedback and rate knowledge articles

End-users can provide feedback and rate knowledge articles as they use them for troubleshooting issues. This enables the service desk to review and improve the knowledge article content consistently. It also helps identify any knowledge gaps in the system. As a result, more content can be created and published to the users who need them the most.

An automated approval process means that once an article is approved, the author can push the article live to the right audience. SymphonyAI Summit includes a stringent maintenance mechanism allowing technicians to edit published knowledge articles.

Systematic approach to publish and review knowledge articles

One of the most critical factors of self-service adoption is to make sure the right content is available to users at the right time. Curate the content and provide the highest quality of data and accuracy via a well-defined approval process. Once knowledge articles are created, an authorizer approves the content, and the publisher makes it available to the right set of users. A stringent maintenance mechanism is also employed to make changes to already published knowledge articles.

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