Major Incidents

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Automatically initiate a series of actions
Create a well-coordinated response process
Accelerate the resolution of major incidents

Streamline how incidents are upgraded to major incidents

Using SummitAI, technicians can promote incidents to a major incident either automatically or manually.

major incidents

Automate communication around major incidents

SummitAI automatically initiates a series of actions for a major incident. First, the software notifies the correct stakeholders with an incident detail summary. Next, SummitAI can automatically initiate conference calls for those stakeholders and other required attendees. The link to join the conference call is sent automatically via email, and the conference call can be hosted on Twilio, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams.

major incidents

Track and record major incident details efficiently

Once a meeting has been scheduled and attended, SummitAI creates a meeting history and attendee list for effective tracking. After technicians resolve the major incident, a problem record is automatically created.

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