Operational Intelligence

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Translate complex data into valuable insights
Increase operational visibility
Improve resource optimization

Gain more visibility across incidents

Allow analysts to quickly get a 360-degree overview of similar open incidents, similar resolved incidents, associated change records/CIs, or associated knowledge articles. This visibility reduces the time for ticket resolution by using the solution provided for similar incidents with the help of knowledge articles. This delivers a better view of the impacted CIs, associated change or problem records, and better resolution process planning.

operational intelligence

Understand and analyze faster with operational intelligence

The “intelligence” is in getting all the information accurately in one place, thereby eliminating the need for the technician to navigate to different places to identify similar incidents or knowledge articles. As a result, the technician can now resolve the incident in less time by leveraging the solution provided for similar incidents in the past with the help of knowledge articles available. With this, the analysts get a better view of the impacted CIs and associated changes or problem records, thus planning the resolution process better. This also leads to greater CSAT scores.

Create correlations and maximize efficiencies

SymphonyAI Summit provides a dashboard that identifies and reveals all issues in an IT environment through continual data analysis and retrieval. This allows technicians to identify and diagnose still-unreported issues. SymphonyAI Summit is built to discover relationships that determine the impact of change. As such, it can find changes that are not directly related to a reported issue but might be the culprit.

SymphonyAI Summit service management modules