Service catalog management

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Standardize service delivery with a one-stop-shop for IT services
Streamline communication and provide visibility to end-users
Drive continual service improvement

Design service catalogs easily to streamline service delivery

As an organization creates a list of services, it is critical to ensure they are presented clearly and are easily understood by end-users. SymphonyAI Summit’s Service Catalog Management allows an organization to maintain all services in a structured manner that can be easily accessed by the users.

Administrators can create a comprehensive catalog of IT and business services and easily configure fields for different service catalogs by using a drag-and-drop feature in the form designer. Administrators can customize service catalogs and improve usability by adding an image to every catalog offering.

Embed workflows to speed up fulfillment

Build workflows via easy-to-use drag and drop options in the workflow designer. Technicians and administrators can set up multi-stage approval workflows, condition-based approvals, and automated notifications for every catalog item.

Administrators can define robust approval workflows with a variety of pre-defined options such as reporting manager, line manager, head of department, field values, and many more.

Publish service catalogs

Personalize the user experience by publishing only those services that are relevant to them. Service catalogs can be published by departments, locations, user type and user level.

Package service catalogs for a hassle-free request experience

Bundle multiple service catalogs as a package and publish it to users. As a result, users can request different items in a package at once, rather than requesting each item individually.

For example, HRs can create an onboarding package of multiple product or service catalogs, such as ‘create user in active directory,’ ‘create email ID,’ ‘add user to distribution lists,’ ‘provide new user access to applications’.

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