SLA management

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Define service demands
Monitor performance
Increase CSAT

Ensure on-time resolution with Service Level Management (SLM)

SymphonyAI Summit Service Level Management is an ITIL-certified module that helps negotiate SLAs and ensure optimized IT services delivery. Technicians and administrators can set specific policies based on criteria, including departments and locations, category, CI, user type, priority matrix, incident rules, and much more.

Technicians can create and maintain SLAs with a well-defined step-by-step approach:

Step 1: Define service level requirement (SLR)

Step 2: Authorize SLR to promote it to service level specification (SLS)

Step 3: Approve and publish SLS to become a service level agreement (SLA)

Automatically monitor SLAs

By defining SLAs with targets and thresholds, the software sends alerts to track performance and meet commitments whenever values are out of line. The software records customer satisfaction data and feedback and logs complaints and appreciations from customers. It can monitor and track SLAs by response and resolution times for vendor SLA calculation. This gives managers better control over vendor SLA performance, understanding incident impact, and resolving vendor issues related to the quality of service delivered to users.

Managers can define operational level agreements (OLA) to manage services between teams effectively. Response and resolution times are defined to manage inter-team ticket assignments. OLAs capture details like service offered, executives, service level manager, approval details, financial details, contract duration details, OLA targets, and more.

Automatically communicate and grow customer satisfaction

Set specific service windows (business days and hours) and configure holiday calendars by location. The software automatically calculates SLAs according to service windows during business hours, pausing on weekends and holidays.

Configure vendor-specific SLAs

The software can define vendor-specific SLAs to better track and manage vendor performance for threshold targets for specific services. The software allows managers to capture performance by required capacity and service usage along with underpinning contract details like approvals information, financial data, contract information, and risk. Service window and timings can be defined to address global teams/workforce.

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