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SymphonyAI Summit service management is ITIL-compliant and leverages the latest advances in AI-powered digital agents and service automation.

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A single, centralized, self-service portal for all service requests

IT, HR, Admin, Facilities, and other functions across an organization can use a single service portal for requestors.

Higher enterprise productivity

Through AI-driven knowledge intelligence, SymphonyAI Summit understands the context of an issue, automatically resolving incidents and service requests.

24/7 service desk experience

SymphonyAI Summit supports a conversational interface using natural language through webchat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Jabber.

Empower users with a modern, multi-tenancy ITSM solution

A multi-tenant infrastructure makes it easy to scale your ITSM environment when supporting multiple customers or departments. Monitoring and administering just one platform instead of managing different technology stacks for each client or department gives a multi-tenant SaaS provider the power to deliver more efficient and effective service and support, including troubleshooting and problem resolution. The ability to view assets and specific details from multiple sources within the centralized SymphonyAI Summit application improves efficiency.


Omni-channel support

Enable users to ask for help the way they want: web, CINDE, mobile app, email, SMS, or on the phone:

  • Web app: users can access all information and services from the service portal.
  • CINDE: users can chat with the CINDE AI digital agent on the web or through Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Jabber to easily log incidents and requests.
  • Mobile app: a simple interface and consumer-like experience helps users accomplish more wherever they are, on the go.
  • Email: users can report incidents or request services by sending an email to a dedicated email address. The SymphonyAI Summit Mail Parser reads mail content and convert it to service tickets automatically.
  • SMS: users can log incidents by sending texts to a dedicated phone number.
  • Phone: users can report an issue and discuss with technicians who log the issue on behalf of the user.

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Design forms easily (no code)

SymphonyAI Summit provides well-designed, compact form templates that include fields for all relevant information. For custom forms, the SymphonyAI Summit Form Designer allows you to customize incident, request, change, and problem forms by adding sections, tabs, and custom fields such as text box, date, text area, dropdowns, check boxes, and radio buttons. Advanced properties can be defined for each of the controls, and dependencies can be defined for dropdown controls. Drag and drop capabilities enable you to create forms with no coding skills required.

Scale your business with multi-domain capabilities

SymphonyAI Summit accommodates creating multiple domains within a single application, which allows for entirely isolated tenant environments that can co-exist in the same application. Large portfolio companies can create a global domain. Each of its subsidiary businesses can be a part of the platform under individual domains, with complete isolation of data and configuration.

Instantly communicate via bulletin board, email, or SMS

Make important announcements and keep users informed with a bulletin board in the Service Portal. Broadcast critical announcements via bulletin board, email or SMS message. Send notifications instantly or schedule them. Select the appropriate audience based on group membership or custom email IDs and mobile numbers.

Inform users and technicians with automated mail and SMS

Send automated notifications to the users to keep them informed about ticket status at regular intervals. Notifications include acknowledgment of new tickets, ticket updates, resolution, and closure.

Inform technicians and workgroup when a ticket is assigned, an SLA is violated (or about to violate), tickets that haven’t been picked up, tickets in pending status, and many more scenarios.

Configure dozens of notification templates for different scenarios for each module, such as incident, service request, change, problem, and knowledge management. These templates ensure consistent and standardized communications, eliminating redundancies.

itsm communication channels

Automatically gather and assess end-user feedback

Upon ticket resolution, the software automatically sends a feedback questionnaire to a user. Using user feedback and out-of-the-box CSAT reports, managers can track and measure the efficiency of service desk operations.

To measure the team’s efficiency, administrators can configure periodic surveys to collect information on various parameters. The software generates reports automatically based on survey questionnaires. Managers can define survey frequency based on needs.

Full suite of integrated capabilities

SymphonyAI Summit’s IT management suite is built for the cloud or on-premise. It is fully integrated with standard data sets across IT service management, IT asset management, and IT operations management, allowing complete control of your reporting and analytics.

Scale operational intelligence

Empowering IT analysts with enhanced situational awareness of their IT environment, SymphonyAI Summit’s AI-driven intelligence recommends knowledge articles to incidents. It drives a higher first-call resolution (FCR) rate of issues. Using machine reasoning and codeless workflow-based automation, SymphonyAI Summit delivers up to 20% annual savings in IT help desk operations and up to 45% greater total cost of ownership.

Improve service with greater automation

SymphonyAI Summit provides automation libraries for automating repetitive and manual tasks. Service providers can offer enterprise employees the ease of talking to a digital agent to resolve their technical issues. CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine) uses sophisticated natural language processing technologies to understand the intent of an incident, service request, or query and respond with personalized messages.

Run SymphonyAI Summit where and how you need it

Built on Microsoft Technologies, running on Azure, the SymphonyAI Summit IT service management platform is cloud-based or available as an on-premise solution.

Work with the language of your choice

Choose from a catalog of more than 100 languages to provide a 100% localized experience for users and enable them to work in their preferred language.

Users can select a preferred language from the list of languages their company has selected. Content and forms automatically change to the selected language.

Translations can be edited via an easy-to-use administration interface. Translations can be added once in the multilingual glossary, avoiding the repetitive task of defining a translation for the same word multiple times across multiple screens.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Make the application look more appealing by writing your own HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in the editor. SymphonyAI Summit creates more opportunities to customize the application by supporting native HTML, CSS, and JavaScript libraries without any intermediate libraries or functions. Use HTML to define the structure of a web page, placement of images, and text. Use CSS to define the visual structure, layout, and other aesthetic properties such as background color, font styling, or size. You can improve the user experience by incorporating Java scripts to make a static page interactive.


Use SymphonyAI Summit Gamification to boost technician morale. Incentivize technicians with bonus points for an excellent customer satisfaction rating or faster incident resolution. Points can be rewarded to technicians on more than 100 criteria out of the box. Create a fun work environment where technicians can track scores on a leaderboard for points earned, team rank, and badges awarded.

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