Orchestration — Service Automation

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Automated service request fulfillment

Accelerate your organization’s service request process.

Automated incident remediation

Ensure critical incidents are detected and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Automated resource provisioning

Provision compute, network, and storage in the cloud and on-premise data centers.

Automated IT Workflows

Connect tasks and processes seamlessly by building blocks in the canvas editor.

Scalable Independent Automation

The Automation Engine is built to scale and operate independently.

Automated Service Request Fulfillment

Automated service request fulfillment empowers IT management services to prioritize requests for service according to urgency. Low risk standard changes can be pre-approved by following an efficient, step-by-step process that ensures requests are fulfilled as soon as possible.

Deliver Better Services with Automated Incident Remediation

Automated Incident Remediation

Incident automation expedites typical responses and repetitive tasks, so little-to-no human intervention is required to respond to users. Automated incident remediation speeds service delivery, ensures operational efficiency, and provides an enhanced user experience.

Automated Resource Provisioning

Automated provisioning handles infrastructure component deployment in a hybrid environment without requiring human intervention. Using predefined automated procedures, SummitAI resolves configuration issues and optimizes provisioning techniques for efficient resource onboarding.

Connect Processes And Tasks Seamlessly and Easily

Connect Processes And Tasks Seamlessly and Easily

The GUI-based canvas editor provides step-by-step “building block” actions for machine/configuration workflow. The workflow is automatically executed by the orchestration engine when triggered.

Orchestration Features