Scalable independent automation

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Autonomous automation via API-based integration with third-party ITSM systems
Agentless and agent-based automation operations for improved efficiency
Plug-and-play bots for executing standard automated workflow processes

Automation engine scales and operates independently

API mapping-based integration with third-party ITSM systems can trigger autonomous automation tasks. POST and GET API methods are supported for information handshakes.

Hybrid automation model for efficient operations

Supports both agent-based and agentless approaches to support both secure and scalable automation tasks across the hybrid infrastructure stack.

Ready-to-deploy bots are readily available on-shelf for self-service

Ready-to-deploy bots (R2DB) can be customized for single or multiple approval layers, notification, and end-user forms. The bots can be configured with standard automated workflow processes that blend with existing enterprise systems for pre-configured user and analyst communication.

Benefits of Orchestration

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24/7 Service Automation

AI-powered automation with CINDE is always available to customers, so holidays and weekends are covered.

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Self-Service Adoption

Rapid self-service adoption is accelerated through an easy-to-use interface and a low-code/no-code methodology framework.

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Improved Service Agility

Automation of manual routines produces fast results and improvements in service agility.

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Improved Service Delivery

Reusable scripts, workflows, and native third-party ITSM integration accelerates service delivery.

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Automated IT Workflows
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Scalable Independent Automation

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CINDE driven orchestration

CINDE AI intelligence automation optimizes entire processes and workflows so organizations can sustain higher efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Script reusability

Reusable scripts and content workflows help automate continuous processes IT operations and speed them up by as much as 80%

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Live feed

Real-time tracking of workflow execution provides easy workflow management and insights.