SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation

Accelerate business value with service automation

Automate service processes to scale faster than ever. Work smarter, not harder.

SymphonyAI Summit improved service delivery

Improve service delivery

Improve business performance by responding faster to service requests or incidents. SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation helps you focus on business-critical tasks, helping to achieve business goals faster.

SymphonyAI Summit increase service agility

Increase service agility

Bring efficiency, speed, and expanded capacity to your organization with SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation. Eliminate manual error-prone tasks to provide faster, predictable results. 

SymphonyAI Summit employee experience dashboard

Transform employee experience

Reduce service handing time and respond real-time on employee service needs. With SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation, you can respond to incidents before they become larger business issues. 

SymphonyAI Summit measure and grow business value

Measure and grow business value

Use the transformative power of SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation to connect systems, processes, and people to drive better enterprise efficiency and business value. 

SymphonyAI Summit improved service delivery
SymphonyAI Summit increase service agility
SymphonyAI Summit employee experience dashboard
SymphonyAI Summit measure and grow business value

Key features

Agentless architecture

Reduce resource consumption, simplify deployment and management, and enhance scalability and flexibility. Automate tasks seamlessly across diverse environments and platforms.

Integration out of the box

Seamlessly manage data from third-party applications with 40+ built-in integrations and 180+ use cases libraries, enabling efficient and streamlined data management. Use cases include IIS Application migration from on-premise to AWS, Azure VM provisioning with Post Build Tasks, Deploy Docker images on the Azure cloud, create or add user in Google Workspace, Google Workspace Data Sync, and more.

Built-in compliance policies

Create your own custom policy and remediation with 185+ built-in compliance policies for endpoints, with automated remediation framework. 

Secure APIs

SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation provides secure APIs for integration with external systems, ensuring secure access via robust authentication mechanisms.

Multiple scripting language support

SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation supports scripting languages including Powershell, VB, Python, Pearl, and batch.

Live feed

Real-time execution tracking for easy workflow and script management and to provide execution insights in real-time. 

Automated task execution

Schedule task specific execution through workflow for specific need or for recurring activities report generation, application maintenance etc.

Event-based execution

Execution workflow based on service request or incident.

Automation scheduler

The SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation scheduler initiates workflows automatically when scheduler/time conditions are met, without any human intervention. 

Custom workflows

Customize your workflow with the SymphonyAI Summit Service Automation integration pack of more than 250 action/scripts.