SUMMIT Service Management

SUMMIT Service Management

Delivers high quality response service across the enterprise

Today’s IT organizations are constantly challenged by ever increasing demands for high quality IT Services that are responsive and cost effective.

SUMMIT’s ITIL 2011 certified Service Management is an intelligent solution that leverages the latest advancement in technology such as Mobility, Analytics and Automation to help CIOs and service providers improve the productivity of IT service operations and reduce the cost and complexities involved.

Our unique approach towards analytics and predictive technologies builds Operational Intelligence by correlating contextual data from disparate systems. Operational Intelligence enables the IT Analysts with enhanced situational awareness of their IT environment and recommends corrective actions to incidents and problems in real-time thereby driving higher First Call Resolutions (FCR) of issues.

Our flexible and comprehensive Orchestration (RBA) engine, enables IT administrators to routinely automate repetitive tasks and processes. This helps reduce the error rates, thereby freeing the analysts’ bandwidth for more complex issues.

CIOs and service providers can leverage SUMMIT’s Gamification features to incentivize desired behavior in the IT support staff and build the right work culture, to improve productivity and customer satisfaction in the long run.

With its feature-rich Android and iOS mobile apps, users and analysts can access the solution on an anytime, anywhere basis – making it a true mobile 24x7 enterprise application.

Thoughtfully designed features such as comprehensive SLA Management, Skill Mapping, Service Assist, Check List and Cost per Incident Monitoring help increase the productivity and effectiveness of services delivered.

Components of Service Management

SUMMIT Service Management with its multi-tenant architecture and high configurability, can be used across multiple functions such as HR, Finance, Facilities, Marketing and Procurement etc., each with their own SLAs and Service Catalogues, thereby truly making it an Enterprise Service Management Solution.

SUMMIT Service Management Solution is available in three variants that include:

  • Service Management Enterprise
  • Service Management Business
  • Service Management Express

SUMMIT Service Management License Comparison

Per Named Analyst or
Per Concurrent Analyst
Per Named Analyst or
Per Concurrent Analyst
Per Named Analyst or
Per Concurrent Analyst
Incident ManagementLimited
Service Request FulfilmentLimited
Knowledge Management
Service Catalog Management
Only 50 catalogs limit
Remote Desktop Program Standard
Mobile ApplicationOptional Add-in
(per Install)
Conference Room Booking
Service Level ManagementStandardProfessionalProfessional
Reporting and DashboardsStandardBIBI
Active Directory Password Management Optional Add-in
(per User)
Change Management
CMDB Standard
Problem Management
Service Portfolio Management
Release Management
Service Automation
(50 named or 25 cc)
CMDB Auto-discovery Optional Add-in
(per CI)
Advanced Remote Desktop (10 concurrent sessions) Optional Add-in
(per Pack)
Cloud Storage of Remote Desktop Optional Add-in
(per TB)
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 Optional Add-ins are to be separately licensed over and above the express, business or enterprise license as applicableExpress edition cannot be mixed with other service management licenses like business or enterprise licenses.* Capped at 100 users per analyst. Additional users need to be charged at add-in charges offered to express edition

The core ITIL processes that are included in SUMMIT Service Management are: