SUMMIT Asset Management

SUMMIT Asset Management

Get control over your asset utilization and compliance

Tracking heterogeneous assets and managing security compliances has been an important concern for every company, regardless of size, industry and business function. With the increasing complexity in software licensing, it has become a necessity for organizations to adopt a solution that keeps a control on its assets.

SUMMIT Asset Management focuses on lowering the cost of technology investments, increase ROI and bring IT resources in line with core business objectives. Our ITIL 2011 certified solution helps your organization manage software compliances, software metering, hardware metering via agent-less or agent-based discovery mechanisms which can mitigate risk, reduce cost and improve return on investments with an operational approach. This multi-tenant solution optimizes organizational efficiency by managing IT and non IT assets across the entire Asset Life Cycle right from planning, requisitioning, allocation, retirement, to disposal.

Asset Lifecycle

SUMMIT provides Asset Management solutions in three variants:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Asset Management with Application Control, Endpoint Compliance and Local Dynamic Password Management as Plugins

Asset Management

SUMMIT’s Application Control plugin helps organizations to enforce whitelisted software installation and execution to mitigate risk, enforce compliance with an operational approach and increase efficiency by managing IT software assets. Application Control provides an effective way to block installation and execution of unauthorized software on desktops and laptops which can be installed in Microsoft Operating systems*. Even though end users have local administrator access rights, SUMMIT’s centrally managed solution ensures that only authorized software (whitelisted) would be allowed to be installed or executed in the device both ‘on’ and ‘off’ the network.

SUMMIT’s Endpoint Compliance plugin for Asset Management helps organizations to track the security compliances at endpoints (Windows OS). Our solution helps organizations to monitor over 200+ parameters like antivirus updates with the latest signature file, group policy deployment, open shares, bluetooth enablement, USB enablement etc.

SUMMIT’s dynamic built-in local administrator* account control module helps enterprises to dynamically create local admin passwords for Windows OS. The system generates passwords and stores them in an encrypted format in the password vault. Local admin passwords are validated regularly and reset at predefined times to maintain the integrity of the password vault. The Local Administrator account is a critical account that needs to be highly controlled to avoid any security breaches, which could lead to data theft and data loss.

SUMMIT Asset Management also provides Asset Portfolio Management capabilities designed to help IT teams manage their owned, leased or licensed technological assets better. It manages the links between assets, software licenses, leases, warranties and contracts to optimize entitlements and ensure compliance. It also tracks the total cost of ownership, chargeback and depreciation.

To learn more about SUMMIT Asset Management, download our data sheet.