IT Operations Management

IT Operations Managements Overview

Increase the availability of datacenter components using automation

SUMMIT IT Operations Managements is an ITIL 2011 certified module that is designed to proactively collect and monitor availability and performance data across your entire enterprise using agent-based or agent less technology. Our solution can be leveraged using automation to do regular maintenance tasks on the datacenter components whether they're on the premises or on the cloud.

Built for both service providers as well as enterprise customers, SUMMIT enables enterprises to get, up and running.This is in turn helps them realize business value in minutes. Accelerated problem resolution and proactive issue prevention further boosts service levels.

SUMMIT’s IT Operations Managements solution comprises of modules like Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring & Application Monitoring with in-built Event Management capabilities across the solutions.

Main Benefits

  • Ensuring agile and available business applications through efficient management of on premise datacenters, private and public clouds
  • Maximization of business performance through continuous monitoring
  • Increase in IT operational efficiency by reducing infrastructure support costs and proactively resolving potential problems
  • Monitoring of IT services from anywhere, at any time, with any web-enabled mobile device
  • Leveraging the cloud for fast, low-cost implementations, high security and availability
  • Promoting best practices for monitoring based on a unified ITIL 2011 compliant platform

Key Features

  • Asset discovery
  • Application performance insights
  • Relationship mapping
  • SLA and objectives tracking

SUMMIT IT Operations Managements covers the following ITIL processes

To learn more about SUMMIT IT Operations Managements, download our data sheet