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SUMMIT, is an ITIL 2011 certified solution, which unifies key applications...

Symphony SUMMIT: The Intelligent ITSM Platform for Smart Organizations

In today’s ever-demanding world of 24x7 global operations, business requirements are getting increasingly complex. Limited budgets are compelling enterprise IT functions to reduce costs while still maintaining high performing IT operations. CIOs and service providers are looking for solutions that leverage today’s technologies such as Analytics, Automation and Mobility to improve productivity, ensure compliance & control and deliver high customer satisfaction on a 24x7 basis.

Symphony SUMMIT aims to help CIOs deal with today’s challenges.

Our flagship product, the SUMMIT ITSM platform, is an advanced, ITIL 2011 certified solution that unifies key applications across Service Management, Asset Management, IT Operations Managementsand Project Management in one single suite.

Symphony SUMMIT ITSM platform

Delivered as SaaS over Cloud or SaaS on premises, SUMMIT is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solution that provides tight integration across key IT operations, delivering higher efficiency in the form of increased productivity, optimum asset utilization, higher compliance, reduced downtime and complete control on critical IT projects.

SUMMIT integrates easily with the Active Directory as well as core enterprise applications such as an ERP or a CRM making it the perfect solution for enterprises aiming to take their IT operations to the next level of process maturity.

SUMMIT is a thoughtfully designed platform that is built ground up to leverage some of the latest advancements in technology which truly makes it the industry’s most advanced platform.

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