Network Monitoring

Cut costs and increase profits with quick problem resolution

Monitoring network activity is critical for quick problem resolution as well as cost reduction. Immediate notification of incidents hastens troubleshooting and in turn, increases company profit. SummitAI Network Monitoring combines network activity and monitoring into one centralized tool that enables a comprehensive view of all internal activity and provides an immediate notification of incidents, whether IT security or network usage related.

The in-built relational database consists of all the information required to troubleshoot and resolve network events easily. The continuous monitoring of any OS-based machine within a company network allows problems to be identified and resolved quickly, which eventually converts to profits. In case of connectivity failures, data retrieval is still possible with SummitAI Network Monitoring’s local storage of information. There are provisions for proxy deletion, data archival and network device backup.

Main Benefits

  • Optimization of efficiency with streamlined deployment, ease of use and unified administration.
  • Monitoring of all important services and devices through a single platform.
  • Boosting of service levels through proactive issue prevention and accelerated problem resolution.
  • Realization of business value.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Network Interface Monitoring
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Trend reporting of utilization and availability
  • NetFlow monitoring
  • Threshold based alerting
  • Historical bandwidth usage trends