SummitAI Operation Management Overview

Increase the availability of datacenter components using automation

SummitAI IT Operations Management is an ITIL 2011 certified solution that is designed to proactively collect and monitor availability and performance data across the enterprise using agent-based or agent less technology. Our solution can also be leveraged in conjunction with SummitAI orchestration engine and automation libraries to undertake remediation and maintenance tasks on private and public cloud resources.

Built for both service providers as well as enterprise customers, SummitAI enables enterprises and Service Providers to realize business value in minutes. Accelerated problem resolution and proactive issue prevention enables them to manage service levels.

SummitAI’s IT Operations Managements solution comprises of modules like Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring & Application Monitoring with in-built Event Management capabilities across the solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • On-going discovery: Continuous discovery of private and public cloud resources based on a parameterized cadence.
  • Real-time performance view: Proactive monitoring of all discovered resources along with event correlation.
  • Efficient capacity management: For increased efficiency and cost savings.
  • Auto resolution: Increases productivity and service availability.
  • Operations visibility: Operations Management works closely with Asset and service management to provide end to end visibility and management of IT.
  • Comprehensive performance reporting: Enable better decision making with extensive dashboards, comprehensive performance reports, and intuitive visualization of on-premise datacenter and public cloud operations.

Key Features of SummitAI AI-driven ITOM are:

  • Ongoing discovery of private and public cloud resources.
  • Agent-based and Agentless Monitoring
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Intelligent Distributed Monitoring Architecture
    using Proxy
  • Monitoring of Heterogeneous Environment
  • Environment Parameter Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring for Databases and Microsoft Exchange
  • Intelligent Auto Incident Logging
  • Auto Resolution
  • Event Correlation
  • Vendor SLA Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting including Visual Reporting
  • SMS Initiated Remediation
  • Service-based SLA
  • Performance Reporting
  • Optional Orchestration Add-on
  • Optional Netflow Add-on

To learn more about SummitAI IT Operations Managements, download our data sheet