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Modern consumers are no longer content with just good service. Because in this digital age, they are getting seamless and user-friendly experiences at every touch point, be it with Banks, Hotels, Airlines etc. and that’s why they expect similar experience at their workplaces as well. So, they no longer want their IT service experiences to be complex and tedious. This shift in consumers’ behaviour is pushing organizations to embrace new ways of providing IT services to their workforce. Discarding legacy tools which are holding productivity back and embracing transformative technology like Artificial Intelligence has opened avenues of new promises of productivity, issue resolution, agent effectiveness, and complete IT control. And now, as the IT leader, the onus is on you to embody the change that is offered by AI-driven innovation. The time is ripe for leveraging the benefits of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine reasoning to IT Management.

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John Thompson

Toronto Pearson – Canada’s largest and North America’s second largest international airport now enjoys the lowest Mean Time to Repair.

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Liam McGlynn

Hexaware Technologies ropes in Symphony SummitAI to get an edge in customer satisfaction and to significantly automate IT operations.

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S. Ramakrishnan

United Breweries, a leading brewing company, shares how Symphony Summit’s IT Operations Management solutions gave them a new reason to rejoice.

SummitAI: An AI-driven IT and Enterprise Service Management Suite

Technology that propels productivity is always at the forefront. SummitAI ensures that its AI-driven knowledge intelligence helps you unleash enterprise productivity, right after its implementation. SummitAI effortlessly brings Service, Asset and Operations Management together to work in concert. The use of machine reasoning and codeless-workflow-based automation delivers greater annual savings in IT Helpdesk Operations and reduces Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Up to 5% Annual Incremental Revenue
  • Up to 50% Faster Implementations
  • Up to 20% Annual Saving on IT Help Desk
  • Up to 45% Better Total Cost of Ownership

SummitAI also offers its customers the ease of talking to a digital agent for ticket resolutions. CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine) uses natural language and responds with intelligent personalized messages. CINDE uses sophisticated natural language processing technologies to understand the intent of an issue which can correspond to an incident, service request or a query. CINDE intelligently resolves the majority of incoming issues automatically, eliminates downtime, and unleashes enterprise productivity by freeing up knowledge workers to focus on high impact work. And when it realises that human intervention is inevitable, then the Live Agent transfer feature ensures business users get to interact instantly with human agent for resolution.

SummitAI IT Management Suite

Transform Service Experience.Increase enterprise productivity:
Harnessing the power of AI, SummitAI Integrated IT Management Suite unifies key processes across IT Service Management, IT Asset Management and IT Operations Management in a single easy to deploy, and easy to use solution.

Improved Service Experience

Higher Enterprise Productivity

Enhanced Agent Effectiveness

Optimized Asset Utilization

Proactive Issue Resolution

Complete Control of the Enterprise’s IT Landscape

Intelligent Service Management

Transform your end-to-end IT services with SummitAI Service Management while leveraging AI to help resolve issues faster, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Intelligent Operations Management

Identify, isolate and resolve IT issues before they impact your business services.

Intelligent Asset Management

Manage the entire asset lifecycle with end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management. From planning to disposal, increase operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and optimize asset utilization.

Embark on a journey of enhanced productivity.

Tomorrow is already here, and it is being defined by AI. By taking the lead in shaping this future, IT will be applauded for being innovative and agile. Get in touch with us to know more about Symphony SummitAI.