In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, most parts of the world came to a standstill. This has enforced a lockdown, leading to the rise of new norms of work and conducting businesses. As the lockdown begins to ease, businesses are gearing up for a new start. But the world post COVID-19 is not going to be the same again. Everything including the way we commute, enter our workplaces, interact with our colleagues, and manage tasks will change.

Many employees are eager to return to work, but also worried about being able to do so safely. To reopen workspaces, employers will need to both reassure employees about safety and find ways to motivate them in the post-lockdown world.

So, how prepared are you to navigate through this challenging environment? What’s your strategy to restart and rebuild your business? How are you planning to motivate your employees to return to work?
How will you ensure the safety of those who are willing to return? What are the health and safety parameters you would require for the restart?

We know infinite questions waiting to be answered. To help you find answers to your questions, Symphony SummitAI brings you the Safe Workplace Enabler Suite to streamline and manage the process better.

Our AI-powered solution will help you rebuild your future workplace and accelerate your digital transformation journey; while helping you ensure a safer workplace and environment. There’s no denying the below processes are going to be the norm going forward.

Employee Health Status Recording (prior to joining)

Employee Health Screening

Automate Safety Management like cleaning schedule

Automate Inventory Management like PPE Suites across the floors/locations

Dashboards for leadership to view the status across the locations

SummitAI Safe workplace Enabler Suite contains our enterprise service management solutions powered by the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation. You can leverage these solutions to gain insights into the data and make accurate decisions.

How can the SummitAI
Enabler Suite help you?

The post COVID-19 world poses a huge responsibility on the shoulders of your HR, Facilities, IT and Leadership teams. They have to facilitate a safer environment while ensuring business continuity and growth. We are happy to inform that we have got your back. Just how we ensured business continuity with our AI-powered solutions during the lockdown period, we are committed to empower you to rebuild your organization and business in the post lockdown period too.

What’s in it for the HR?

The SummitAI Safe workplace Enabler Suite allows HR leaders to design surveys and check employees’ preparedness and willingness to return to workplace. It also helps draw insights from the survey results helping leaders take appropriate decision and action. When companies screen employees coming to work, the suite records the result, and helps decide whether the individuals can enter the workplace or not. Administrators can access a dashboard and track the return of employees into their facilities over time.

What’s in it for the Facilities/Service Managers?

The Enabler Suite provides workplace service managers the ability to quickly configure clean and socially distanced workspaces. The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) application helps to manage and monitor the needs of the workplace to support the physical safety of your workforce. In a single snapshot, it provides a comprehensive view of inventory by each facility, an aggregate scope of the entire workplace, and historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. Current inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate and real-time inventory management.

What’s in it for the CIO?

Since the beginning of lockdown, CIOs and CTOs have been striving to provide extended support to the teams to meet client demands. They have had to make rapid changes to orchestrate the sudden switch to the remote working mode of the employees, accelerate digital transformation to serve customers better and strengthen the IT infrastructure of their organization. With the lockdown coming to an end, SummitAI’s Enabler Suite facilitates CIOs to be the technology enablers and help execute and accelerate digital transformation across multiple functions within the organization.

What’s in it for the Leadership?

The leaders gain access to a single-view dashboard through which they gain insights and intelligence to make quick and accurate decision regarding the health and safety of the employees and customers alike.


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As you return to the new normal, leverage SummitAI Safe workplace Enabler Suite to ensure a safer and productive environment for your employees.