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Key Benefits

New Call Management Module to Manage Calls Handled by L1 Support Team

A new Call Management module is added to track all the Calls received (via Application, E-mail, Web, or Phone) by the Level 1 Support Team of an organization.

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Notifications for Additional Users for SR Update

Notifications (e-mail and SMS) can be now sent to additional users (in addition to the Requester and Analyst), whenever, the Service Request is updated (Status change, Priority change, Service Request based on Category, and when the Requester is a VIP User).

Creating, Viewing, and Updating CIs and Adding Custom Attributes in CIs using SUMMIT API

With this release, the Administrators can create, view, and update (or deactivate) CIs using SUMMIT API. The single and multivalued Custom Attributes as Text Box and Drop-down can be also added for a CI using SUMMIT API.

Service Catalog Packaging for End Users

The Service Catalog Packaging is bundling of multiple related Service Catalogs into a Package. Using Packages, the users can now fill in the required information and submit multiple Service Requests instead of browsing through multiple Service Catalogs.

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Notifying Sub Customers About Incident/SR Logging and Updates

The Sub Customers are now notified through Mail and SMS when an Incident/SR is logged or updated (if configured). This feature is especially useful for MSPs who need to notify their Customers and Sub Customers about Incident/SR logging and updates.

New Icon to Indicate Incident/SR Last Updated by Analyst Using E-mail

A new icon is added on the Incident List/ Service Request List page for Incidents or SRs that are most recently updated by Analysts using e-mails. This gives a better visual clue to the Analysts working on the Incidents and SRs.

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Key Benefits

End User Confirmation Before Auto-Acceptance of RDP Request

Now, if an RDP request is made using Stealth Mode (with SAM Agent/SSI Agent), the End Users have the control to Accept or Deny the Remote Desktop connection request from the Analysts. This adds an additional layer of security.

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Resynchronization of Asset Data with ServiceNow

The SUMMIT Asset data can be now resynched with ServiceNow. The users of ServiceNow and SUMMIT can view the most up-to-date data accessing it through ServiceNow or SUMMIT.

Key Benefits

Bulk Update of Script/SNMP Threshold Values

The Administrators can now bulk update the Script/SNMP Threshold values reducing the efforts and time required to enter the same values.

New BI Reports

Following two new BI Reports are added:

  • BI Report to view the Network Device, Link and Server’s Availability Trend Analysis with Downtime reasons
  • BI Report to view the maintenance details and maintenance schedule of the monitored devices

Agent-Based Server Monitoring Without WMI Account

Now, the WMI Account is made optional for Agent-Based Monitoring of Servers (Except Exchange Servers). The customers no longer need to share the WMI Account details while using Agent-Based Monitoring.

Customize Messages for Events and Incidents in Script-Based Monitoring

The Administrators can now customize the message text to be sent out as Notifications for Events or Incidents for various Parameters in Script-based Monitoring.

Key Benefits

Notifications to Concurrent Analyst When Concurrent Licenses are Available

Now, a Concurrent Analyst, who logs into the Application as an End User, due to unavailability of concurrent licenses, is notified, whenever, a Concurrent License becomes available. This helps in optimum utilization of the Concurrent Analyst licenses.

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Customizing Themes Using CSS Codes

The Administrators can now customize the Themes using their own CSS codes. They can customize the fonts, colors, appearance, layouts, etc., which changes the look and feel of the Application. This feature is available in addition to the regular Theme configuration.

Location-Based Translation

Now, the Administrators can allow or restrict translation of Application pages based on the user’s location. The translation option can be turned off for those countries and regions where API translation service may not be available.

Key Benefits

Customer Data Isolation in Project Management

Now, the customer data can be isolated using Domains. A Domain is created for each customer and the customer data is isolated within the Domain. The Users, Customers (Departments), Locations, and Vendor details of one customer cannot be accessed by users of a different Domain.

Setting Priority and Billability of Activities

Now, the Project Manager can set the Priority and Billability of the Activities while adding new Activities in a Project.

New ACTIVITY DETAILS Page to View Assigned Activities

A new page, ACTIVITY DETAILS is added where the Activity Resource, Activity Owner, and Task Owner can view the list of Activities assigned to them at one place instead of looking for details on various pages.

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