Reopening workplaces amid COVID-19 – Symphony SummitAI

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As employees return to their workplaces and adapt to the ‘new normal’ amidst COVID-19, it poses a considerable responsibility on the shoulders of IT, HR, Facilities Leaders to ensure the workplaces remain safe and productive.

Organizations must plan for new processes and interventions that can help mitigate health risks to employees. This would include processes like employee health status recording, employee health screening, self-diagnosis, contact tracing, inventory management of PPE kits, and dashboards for leadership to view the status across locations.

Listen to this webinar to see how we can help automate and streamline the processes to deliver efficiency in the new, safer workplace.

Listen to this webinar to know:

  • How to manage the new safety processes better
  • How to automate manual tasks and avoid human errors
  • How to ensure safe and productive workplaces

Speakers : Rajasekharan U, Director – Marketing and Kishore Shenoy, Product Manager