Transforming customer & employee support to repurpose capacity to combat corona virus – SymphonyAI Summit

Just as necessity is said to be the mother of all inventions, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to come up with newer ways to serve and delight customers. Quite evidently, innovation is being accelerated across processes irrespective of the organization or industry.

As important as it is to delight customers against all odds, it is imperative for organizations to manage and secure their IT assets. Especially so, as a majority of employees are bound to work from home,

This webinar has speakers from different industries elaborate as to how they are re-inventing customer and employee Support in lieu of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Listen to this webinar to know to:

  • Deliver frictionless and consistent shopping experiences
  • Ensure business continuity in challenging times
  • Ensure visibility and control of IT assets when employees work from home
  • Automate customer support and zero-touch onboarding and offboarding

Speakers include:

  • Sowjanya. S, Director of Business Development, Microsoft India
  • Rajasekharan Unnikrishnan, Director of Marketing, SymphonyAI Summit
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