Enterprise service management

What is enterprise service management?

Organizations are looking for new ways to automate and manage processes, increase transparency, and have greater cost control. What better way to do this than to transform IT service management (ITSM) principles and capabilities, that have driven success for IT, and implement them in departments that have been screaming for service improvements and increased customer satisfaction? IT’s approach to delivering and managing services can revolutionize businesses across industries, bringing service interactions into one place, as well as the same user experience, intelligence, and connectivity.

Enterprise service management (ESM) is a fresh approach to ITSM that provides departments outside of IT, service management practices that they can take and apply to their services. Anyone within an enterprise knows that IT is not the only group that offers services to employees. By extending ITSM principles to departments across the enterprise, organizations can drive better service delivery for business teams that are not typically recognized as service providers, like marketing, finance, and legal. Departments, such as HR and facilities, have always offered internal “services”, they just haven’t applied the structure and frameworks offered within enterprise service management.

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The benefits of enterprise service management

Excellence and success in today’s dynamic and competitive business world is both data- and customer-driven. Service providers may struggle with visibility and intelligence in optimizing service delivery processes. In order for teams to perform and interact efficiently, capabilities and processes need to be in place to continuously improve operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Enterprise service management at its backbone is tried and tested ITIL and service management concepts and capabilities. From that foundation, enterprise service management drives department transparency, business continuity, cost control, and staff productivity. Creating a foundation for operational efficiency, innovation, and transparency, enterprise service management allows you to provide an unmatched consumer experience your employees expect.

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ESM software vs. ITSM software

Enterprise Service Management’s reach is far beyond the IT department and the technology industry. Almost every department provides a service and employees within each department are now service providers. With this increasing demand for services across organizations to support rapid growth and development, exceptional service delivery is more critical than ever which is why ESM software is growing in popularity.

ESM software infuses ITIL and service management best practices into business operations across the departmental divide. One platform that is in the same place, with the same required criteria, across the organization, providing centralized service interactions to deliver consistency, mobility, and connectivity. A truly multi-tenant platform enables the creation of multiple tenants within a single application. This setup is ideal for enterprise service providers who are looking to provide a completely or partially isolated tenant environments for different departments that can co-exist in the same application with no interference from each other.

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Getting started with an enterprise service desk

Departments may go around IT to buy the products and services they need, knowing they have powerful tools at the click of a button, without having to rely on approval. IT has the power to spread its knowledge, ingraining itself within all parts of an organization. It can solidify itself as an innovator and thought leader in spreading enterprise service desk love toward the enterprise. Here’s how to start:

  • Stop relying on emails, utilize your service management platform to track all the service requests coming in.
  • Build up the self-service portal and service catalog to automate business processes that are infused cross-departmentally, like new employee onboarding.
  • Utilize knowledge base systems to document any redundant questions, like new employee onboarding, training, and development.
  • Create custom workflows and approval processes, ensuring organization stakeholders stay informed and can give feedback.


Does artificial intelligence (AI) support ESM?

Bringing multiple departments into an enterprise service desk platform may seem daunting if each department will have to manually execute on incidents, requests, and workflows. This is why artificial intelligence can be a game-changer to an enterprise service management strategy and its scalability. Here are a few ways artificial intelligence can make an impact on enterprise service management:

  • Self-service is simplified with AI-driven knowledge intelligence that makes it easier to add knowledge articles to the knowledge base and creates faster access.
  • Departments across the organization can achieve higher levels of productivity with chatbots, auto-resolution, and operational intelligence.
  • Capture, dispatch, classify, and auto-route tickets using service desk intelligence for faster resolution.
  • Automatically create problems off of multiple tickets or auto-resolve a ticket that has been addressed recently, reducing service provider workloads while gaining greater operational efficiency.