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Modern enterprises across the world rely on technology for their day-to-day operations. Every business process is resting on several IT systems and all the business-related data travels through these systems within and outside of the organization. This data ultimately lands in the end customer’s hand or system as a product or service.

The increasing dependence on technology, combined with complex licensing and a hybrid environment, places a higher level of responsibility on IT teams to manage and control the assets better to regulate asset utilization, budgets, data privacy, and confidentiality. With the pandemic leading to more employees working remotely, it has become more difficult for IT leaders to have control over the scattered IT environment. A streamlined IT Asset Management (ITAM) strategy can simplify the process of managing technology budgets and tracking data movement and IT assets. Gartner says that IT Asset Management can reduce your IT Asset costs by 30% within the first year, and 5-15% every year subsequently.

SummitAI IT Asset Management

Optimize asset utilization, save costs and enforce compliance with SummitAI IT Asset Management, a next-generation solution powered by AI. SummitAI’s IT Asset Management enables enterprises to manage their assets cost-effectively, across tenants for both IT and non-IT categories. With integrated asset management, SummitAI provides you with an accurate inventory of all the hardware and software assets in your organization, across the asset lifecycle process. It optimizes your organization’s efficiency by helping you manage assets right from the planning stage to the disposal stage covering requisitioning, allocation, and retirement.

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Key Benefits

Complete asset management solution

Including hardware (IT & Non-IT) asset variance, lifecycle, repairs tracking and audit reporting

Best industry practices

Following guidelines of ITIL/IMAC Processes of information, thus increasing the efficiency of the analysts.

End-point configuration automation and application control as differentiators

  • Compliance reporting of 200+ parameters
  • Whitelisting, blacklisting of software, software installation and application executions
  • Patch Management

Seamless integration with service management

Web services integration with third-party discovery & ticketing solutions of information, thus increasing the efficiency of the analysts.

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring software compliance by sending alerts when an unauthorized software is detected

Software asset management

Software compliance, software metering and software license usage of information, thus increasing the

Asset disposal & de-commission

Managing both IT and non-IT assets of information, thus increasing the efficiency of the analysts.

Asset procurement

Providing complete information on ownership of assets of information, thus increasing the efficiency of the analysts.

Control & compliance

Tracking surplus expenditure on software licenses, thereby avoiding overspending

Cost avoidance & AI-powered optimization

Optimum use of resources by tracking asset inventory through multiple asset scanning modes

Experience The SummitAI Advantage

Complete hardware & software solutions and ML-driven resource utilization optimization drive up the ROI

Extremely robust, out-of-the-box processes that bring transparency and stability

Lower TCO of up to 63% compared to other competing offerings

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Key Features

IT Asset Discovery

To auto-discover IT assets with network managing technologies such as WMI, TELNET, SSH, and SNMP Protocols

Software License Compliance Metering

To keep a regular check on the software license compliance

Multi-tenant System

To allow management of different assets from the same console

IT Asset Ownership Reporting System

To ensure optimal asset ordering and utilization

Hardware/Software Inventory And Variance Reports On Usage

To enable visibility of hardware/software variance

SummitAI Hardware & Software Asset Management

SummitAI IT Asset Management covers services such as – Hardware & Software Asset Management, Agent-based & Agentless Asset Discovery, Software License Management, Software Variance Reporting, Software License Compliance, Software Usage Metering, Software Delivery Management and Application Control.

The SummitAI Hardware Asset Management

This feature helps take care of all your asset lifecycle and inventory needs.

The SummitAI Software Asset Management

This feature helps you track software licenses and create compliance reports while mitigating legal liability, fines and lawsuits due to improper software licensing.

Transform asset management with summitai's IT asset management solutions
Software governance and compliance begins with IT asset management

Our solution comes in an enterprise version that also covers Application Control, Dynamic Domain Password Management, Endpoint Compliance and the ITAM Automation Pack.


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