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As the world is increasingly turning towards internet and cloud services, cybersecurity is also gaining traction amongst individuals and corporate enterprises. While enterprises are carrying out whitelisting and blacklisting, they don’t help completely eliminate the risks posed by malicious, illegal, and unauthorized software and network access. You need something more. A next-generation tool, powered by AI, that can put new controls and processes to effectively manage hardware and software assets. An integrated tool that can help you manage assets, control applications and provide endpoint compliance.

Leverage SummitAI Asset Controller

SummitAI Asset Controller is a comprehensive and proactive compliance solution, consisting of 3 components namely application control, endpoint compliance and dynamic local admin password management solution. Together all these 3 components help improve your endpoint security posture.

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SummitAI Application Control

SummitAI Application Control is a security practice that blocks or restricts unauthorized applications from executing in ways that put data at risk. It helps ensure the privacy and security of data used by and transmitted between applications.

Rule based software entitlement mapping

Reduced risk of running malwares

Effective privilege management

Reduced inventory loss

man looking at laptop exploring SummitAI IT asset management solutions

Key Features

Helps identify applications running in your endpoint environment

Automatically identifies trusted software that has the authorization to run

Prevents all unauthorized applications from executing

Eliminates unknown and unwanted applications in your network to reduce IT complexity and application risk

Reduces the risks and costs associated with malware

Endpoint Compliance Sub-System

Endpoint Compliance Sub-System is a plug-in that can be used to monitor the security compliance of the computing devices in an organization’s network based on the configured security policies. The Endpoint Compliance has 170+ out-of-the-box security compliance monitoring capabilities. In addition, the security administrator can create additional security compliance parameter checks. These customized additional security compliance parameters can be configured based on registry entries, value of WMI class, VB scripts, PowerShell, Batch Command, and so on.

Proactive and real-time end point compliance engine

Supports more than 170 info sec parameters out of the box

Allows configuring dynamic controls for monitoring

man looking at laptop exploring SummitAI IT asset management solutions

Dynamic Local Admin Password Management

The Local Administrator Account is one of the most vulnerable areas for security breaches, therefore controlling it becomes a crucial business activity. SummitAI Asset Controller provides an effective way to manage the Local Administrator Accounts. It creates a unique password for every local administrator account across the organization. These passwords are managed centrally in the password vault and are available on request by IT Administrators through which the transactions are controlled and tracked.

Secure shared and service account passwords

Control duration of password life dynamically

Track users who have requested for super user passwords

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With SummitAI Asset control, you can ensure optimized asset utilization, while enforcing compliance and saving costs. Prevent malware and zero-day attacks, block unauthorized applications, alleviate chances of system damage or data loss – all as an extension of SummitAI Asset Management Suite.

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