Now, shift CINDE conversations to human agents along with complete history for better insight into issues. Edit and maintain version history of contracts while utilizing the all-new dashboard to optimize asset utilization and contain costs. Leverage the AI-driven knowledge management functionality that allows authors to edit, analyze, approve and bulk upload KB articles, and view feedback. Enjoy the operations analytics dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of IT infrastructure health.

Key Benefits

Live Agent Transfer


CINDE can transfer conversations to an Analyst in instances where either CINDE is unable to provide correct solution to the End User’s queries or if the End User wants the conversation to be transferred to an Analyst. This improves customer satisfaction where the user queries are transferred directly with all the conversation history to a live Analyst, which helps in providing quick solutions to the users.

  • Option to transfer the conversation based on multiple-try thresholds or on user request
  • Configurable waiting thresholds for human agents’ availability
  • History of CINDE conversation preserved and transferred to Human Agent for context
  • Agents alerted on waiting conversation
  • Push to talk button (configurable) to transfer the conversation to a human agent immediately

CINDE is now More Intelligent


CINDE is now made more intelligent and powerful with additional new features, such as:

  • Spell Check: CINDE now spell checks user utterances (typo errors, etc.) to provide more useful responses to user interactions.
  • Configure Knowledge Base articles as Self-Help articles to help CINDE to provide better solutions
  • Provide feedback to CINDE with Helpful/Not Helpful icon
  • Uses Knowledge base Attributes information to narrow down Knowledge article search. In cases where the users’ intent is not clear, CINDE asks attributes-specific question to direct the users to the right article, such as
    • What is the Manufacturer?
    • What is the Model no.?
  • NLP-based conversation search and find relevant Self-Help articles to help users

Service Desk Intelligence Enhancements


The Service Desk Intelligence is now smarter where it keeps a check on Analysts leaves while predicting the best fit Analyst and assigning Incidents and Service Requests.

Multiple New Features in Contract Management


Additional new features are added in Contract Management, such as:

  • Save Drafts of Contracts and Version History: An approved Contract can be edited and saved as Draft based on the changing requirements of an organization. The various versions of a Contract are maintained and can be viewed under Version History.
  • Configurations to provide more control on who can view and edit Contracts.
  • Configure multiple SPOCs for Contracts
  • Category-Role Mapping and Category-Alert configurations to provide more control on the notifications to be sent to the selected recipients related to Contract expiry.

New Asset Management Dashboard


The core benefits that can be derived from an IT Asset Management system are optimal allocation of IT budget and optimal utilization and use of IT equipment and software purchased. The new SummitAI Asset Management dashboard is focused on binging these two aspects of Asset utilization. The dashboard has an overall and location specific details of utilization indicators, such as:

  • Utilization levels of Server Network, Storage, or other equipment
  • Software License utilization levels and cost of under or overutilization
  • Top overutilized or underutilized licenses

It also provides a consolidated view of all Alerts related to Asset Thresholds and Contract expiry. Each metric on the dashboard has drill down reports to provide more specific details.

Multiple New Functionalities in AI-Driven Knowledge Management


The AI-Driven Knowledge Management is now bundled with multiple new functionalities.

  • Bulk upload KB articles using Microsoft Excel templates
  • Replicate KB content with ease using the Copy KB article option
  • Check and undo changes by comparing or reverting to the last version of KB articles
  • Improved look and feel of the KB Article pages
  • Check the trend by looking at the Recently Viewed KB Articles list
  • View feedback for a KB article
  • Reduce dependency on Knowledge Authors. Now, the Knowledge Authors can edit those Knowledge articles as well, which they have not authored.

Requester Remarks. Refer SRs to Requesters from E-mail Notifications


The SR approval notifications are improved with more relevant and useful details to provide quick updates or take quick actions.

  • The Approvers no more require opening the SummitAI application to refer SRs to Requesters. An additional button to refer SRs to Requesters is added in the e-mail notifications sent for approval.
  • The Remarks added by the SR Requester is now available in the e-mail notifications sent to the Approvers for approving (or rejecting) the SRs. This helps the Approvers in taking a more informed decision.

Save Time by Uploading Holiday Lists in Bulk


With Microsoft Excel bulk upload option, the Administrators do not require to manually enter the Holidays. This is especially very time-saving for organizations spanned across multiple locations following different holidays.

Introducing Event Correlator


The SummitAI Event Correlator is used to identify the few Alerts or Events that should be analyzed for raising Incidents from a pool of large number of Alerts and Events that are triggered in a Monitoring tool. SummitAI Event Correlator connects with any Monitoring tool (For Example: SolarWinds, Nagios) and collects all the Alerts and Events. These collected Alerts and Events are sent for processing and for logging Incidents with the respective Workgroup and Priority.


Figure : SummitAI Event Correlator Process

Operations Analytics Dashboard


The overall performance and health of the organization’s IT infrastructure is of paramount interest for the IT teams and for the business leaders depending on the infrastructure for rendering their services.

SummitAI Operations Analytics Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the health of IT infrastructure and its ability to support critical functions. It helps in quickly locating issues or areas of stress within the infrastructure so that the IT Admins can take corrective actions proactively before it can affect business services.

  • Filtering capabilities that allow the IT Analyst to look at IT Operations in specific regions, zones, or businesses
  • Drill downs reports
  • Network, CPU, Memory and Storage Utilization level view
  • Network, Server and Link Outage Analysis Charts showing details about network outage remediation trends in specific locations over time
  • Location-wise Network and Server Utilization
  • Network Health and Server Health Graphs
  • Top recent alerts from infrastructure states and threshold capacity breaches in the environment

Additional Layer of Security for Master Reset and Master Unlock


While performing Master Reset and Master Unlock for users, an additional layer of security is added with OTPs. OTPs are generated and sent to the users’ registered mobile numbers, which the users need to enter when an Admin is performing Master Password Reset or Master Account Unlock using the SummitAI Password Management module.

Use WebEx to Set Up Conference Calls


Most of the users are comfortable using WebEx or Twilio to set up Conference Calls. Now, the WebEX option is added in addition to Twilio, allowing the users to use WebEx to set up Conference Calls for Major Incident discussions and resolutions.

Front-end Configuration for Advanced Remote Desktop Sharing


A new front-end configuration is added in the SummitAI application, where, the Administrators can configure Advanced Remote Desktop Sharing option for both On-Premise and On Cloud SummitAI installations. The Advanced Remote Desktop Sharing feature (Paid Remote Desktop Sharing) provides many advanced features to the users, such as the End User and the Analyst do not require to be on the same network to share their screens, Recording Sessions, and File Transfer, etc.

License Related Enhancements


Few license related enhancements are made, such as:

  • A new Concurrent License Allocation Report to view the current Concurrent License allocation and check the usage.
  • Configure Duplicate Login Messages as per organization’s policies.
  • Session Cache related issues are fixed.
  • Additional filters are added to refine the filter results on the LICENSE MONITORING page.