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 SummitAI Now Speaks 100+ Languages SummitAI Now Speaks 100+ Languages

Introducing Denali, the first-ever AI support for HR Service Management. With Denali, SummitAI expands its AI capabilities beyond ITSM to HR Service Management.

Built on the success of its predecessor SummitAI Sierra, Denali comes with various new AI features and the extension of SummitAI’s digital agent CINDE to the HR Service Management function. It helps efficiently automate many back-office functions for reliable HR transactions and service delivery in addition to the whole gamut of IT functions. By leveraging AI and optimizing asset management, you can now enjoy improved HR services, enhanced employee experience, and increased business productivity.

Out-of-the-box HR Service Management:


The modern workforce places high expectations on employee experience and management. By leveraging the pre-defined HR process templates, organizations can spin out HR services to business users instantly. The pre-defined HR Process templates include different services ranging from employee on-boarding and access to HR portals to queries on medical benefits, dental benefits, and more.

Performance boosters for all major modules


In the newer version, architectural optimization has improved the application performance by up to 30%. Significant application performance improvements are noted in the product across all major modules in this new version.

Smarter Knowledge Management Dashboard


Knowledge Management has been upgraded with a smarter dashboard, with features that allow the knowledge author to save the article in a draft state and send it out for peer review to multiple analysts. This review state allows the author to finalize the material for the knowledge article before sending this for approval.

Support for 100+ languages to choose from


SummitAI now supports 100+ languages including all major European, Asian, and Indian languages. Customers can choose from these languages for their custom deployments. SummitAI also provides the capability to customize the language translations.

Improved live agent and knowledge searches


CINDE Live Agent Transfer and Knowledge Search features have been enhanced with significant improvements introduced in this release.

A streamlined process for faster deployment


CINDE has been pre-trained with a robust set of golden catalogs, through superior automation processes, which result in shorter deployment time.

Intelligent voice-based response (Beta)


Voice-enabled CINDE (POC) will respond to voice calls made over the telephone. Customers can now call CINDE to answer questions or perform all actions that are possible from a chat window. CINDE can also transfer the call to a live agent to continue voice conversations.

CINDE for HR Services


A robust set of HR domain golden catalogs has been added and CINDE is trained in HR use cases and to respond for HR services.

Dynamic Bi-directional auto-sync of Asset Inventory and CMDB


The IT environment is changing rapidly, and virtualization technologies have obsoleted the idea of a statically defined CMDB that rarely changes. SummitAI now allows the two repositories, Asset Inventory and CMDB to be always in sync. The IT Asset Management team does not have to worry about stale information in either repository, while they serve their respective purposes.

In order to simplify the management of dynamic IT environments, this feature also allows the IT administrator to define which CIs are updated automatically and which CIs still require manual change approvals. IT administrators can choose to update the CMBD directly from discovery or from an asset repository, depending on the purpose of the individual asset category and CI class.

Improved Complex Licensing Computation and Terms of Use Data


SummitAI Software Asset Management brings comprehensive improvement for easily computing license positions for IBM PVU licensing based on full capacity hardware specifications of the underlying server. The license position is computed by comparing the hardware specification against the published guidelines of IBM.

Enhanced Correlation Engine with string-based correlation


With string-based, time-bound and CI-mapped Event Correlation Engine using the SummitAI Manager of Manager (MoM) pack, administrators can define the keywords that are similar in their logs along with time boundaries. SummitAI works on the aggregated event dump, eliminates duplicate alerts, and provides only necessary alerts to act.

Redesigned Orchestration Engine (Beta):


The orchestration engine has been redesigned. Over 250+ ready-made libraries of Orchestration Scripts are available in the Orchestration module to help improve organizational productivity.

Strengthened infrastructure monitoring


Infrastructure monitoring is strengthened with the inclusion of more than 50+ parameters in 15+ categories for PostgreSQL.